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Mt. Currahee

The rain cleared out the night of October 27, so Framing History decided to drive back to Toccoa to try the "Three miles up, three miles down". On the way out of the hotel, we passed Wild Bill Guarnere. "You leaving already?" he asked. We told him we were just headed back to Toccoa to go up Currahee. "Don't run!" he told us. Good advice, as it would turn out.

The route up Currahee varies in difficulty with some steep sections broken up by rolling terrain that at times is downhill or nearly level. Being from Colorado, Framing History knows mountain trails! Currahee indeed would be a brutal run, especially under full pack with weapons. We took  Wild Bill's advice and didn't run (except fo the last 100 feet!). We walked up at a
Quick Time pace, and made the top in 49 minutes. The men of Easy Company went  up and down in that same amount of time...they truly are remarkable men. And they did it in the heat and humidity of a Georgia summer.

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