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Toccoa's Currahee Museum

After a short ride back to town, the group arrived at the Currahee Military Museum. It is fitting that the Museum is located in the town's historic railroad passenger station since most of the men who trained at Camp Toccoa arrived and departed through this station.

The Museum is operated by the Stephens County Historical Society. The Society gave Framing History permission to show the following photographs of some of the Museum displays. For more photographs and information on the museum and on Camp Toccoa, visit the Society's website at: 

One of the highlights of the Museum is the actual English farm stable used as barracks by members of Easy Company. After the 506th PIR completed combat operations in Normandy, Easy Company was sent back to England. Prior to the jump into Holland during Operation MARKET-GARDEN, Easy Company was billeted in Aldbourne, England. This stable was actually used by some of the members of the Company. The stables' preservation and transport to Toccoa is quite a story. Details and photographs of the move can be viewed at the Stephens County Historical Society's website listed above.

Note: in the photographs that follow, framed items were photographed at an angle to reduce glare from the glass.

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