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Customer Comments

The frame arrived safely a couple of weeks ago and was even more magnificent than expected.  My friend was delighted with the gift and it will be a treasured memento of our trip to Normandy for many years to come.

Jonathan P. - Middlesex, United Kingdom

We are not just satisfied with the frames...we LOVE them! Thank you so much for such an amazing job in such a short amount of time! You are wonderful!

Beth A. and Tim L. - Arizona

“I went to see Rappy today and he's doing well for an 85 year old with the onset of dementia.  About 1/2 hour into my visit I got the chance to give him the portrait ( I had wrapped it in brown paper ) and it brought the man to tears.  I pointed out the pilot ( Watson who passed away a few months ago), the radio man ( Marby or Spear ) and the waist gunner.  The waist is in fact Rappy based on the fact that he was Left Waist.  Rappy's wife Selma joined us and for the next hour or so we had a lovely, long overdue, visit. The portrait will not join the other memorabilia in Rappy's basement "war room" as Selma insists it be hung in their front room. I credit God with leading me to your site where I was able to secure this very personal and meaningful gift for my dear friend. Thank you!”

 Joe W. – Rhode Island

 “The frame arrived safe and sound, and in perfect condition. What an impressive framing job -- thank you!”

Arthur and Karen M. - Delaware

“I received the package mid-day yesterday and ran home after teaching to make sure the package didn't sit on the front porch too long (being how cold it has been).  I couldn't resist waiting until Christmas to actually see it for the first time and wanting making sure something so delicate got in one piece from Colorado (more anxiety of wanting to finally see the final product). First words out of my mouth were, "Wow". I have to say the frame, picture and just personal touch you put into that piece of art makes me finally realize how giving can be more satisfying then receiving.  I took a picture of it with my cell phone before putting it in the box and wrapping it back up so I could show all my friends, and they also say that it looks beautiful.  Thank you so much for also adding the picture on the back of the frame…that truly meant a-lot.  Again thank you so much for all you have done, and maybe when I start to save enough up again, I might order one for myself. 

 God Bless, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,”

 David K. - Ohio

“The frame arrived safe and sound, and it was fantastic.  Great job, thanks.”

 Marty D. - Illinois

“I don’t know if I told you but Marbry got his framed art the day before his birthday.  He called Rappy that same day and they spent a few hours on the phone… Marbry’s wife had passed away the day before the artwork arrived…  he told Rappy that receiving the artwork was a blessing as it reminded him that if he could get through the war, the bombing missions and spending a year or more as a POW that he could get through the loss of his wife.

 Divine the day I found your page!  It’s unbelievable all that’s come to others from that one photo!”

 Joe W. – Rhode Island

 “The frame is a big winner.  My husband loves it…got very emotional when he saw it.  It got here on Thursday, the 1st.  He keeps talking about the frame, the back, the picture, all the little details.  Thanks so much for a first class picture and your effort to get it here by the 5th.”

 Dewey P. - Louisiana

“We got the order today!!  Thanks so much for your help.  They were packaged with care and arrived without a problem.”

Becky H. – HQ USEUCOM, Germany

“Imagine my delight when I opened the well-wrapped framed art.  It is perfect - thank you so very much.  It is wonderfully compiled and you obviously take great pride in putting these memories together in a way they can be proudly honored.

My husband will love it and I am sure it will be a great conversation piece!”

Ruthie L. - Oklahoma

 “Sorry for the delayed reply…I was out of the country last week so I did not receive your mail. I received the frame and it looks fantastic!”

Sam M. - Kansas

“The Stonewall Brigade arrived Tue, 30 Sept. Outstanding!! Everything is great!  No damage of any sort; no missing parts or pieces. Thanks for an exceptional presentation!”

Lloyd Y - New Mexico  

I can’t thank you enough…you are a true gentleman! Super transaction, and great communication. The frame is outstanding!”

Allison C. – Glasgow, Scotland

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