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Easy Meets in Atlanta

 Atlanta was chosen due to its proximity to Toccoa, Georgia, where the Company was activated on July 20, 1942 as part of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, under the command of Lt. Colonel Robert F. Sink.

A trip to the site of Camp Toccoa was on tap for the next day, a chance to see the Georgia woods where the men trained, and Mt. Currahee where their lungs burned and muscles strained on the "Three miles up, three miles down" that they would come to know so well.

The veterans and their families began arriving on Thursday, October 26. They trickled in throughout the day, greeting each other with broad smiles, warm handshakes, and slaps on the back. Their close comradeship that was forged during the dark days of World War II was evident from the beginning, with the men collecting in small groups to get caught up on each others lives, talk about days past, and simply to enjoy each others company.

Thursday's weather was a typical Fall day in Georgia: cool, dry and pleasant. Friday's weather, however, would not be as hospitable for the 88 mile trip to Toccoa!

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