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Currahee Military Museum Pg. 2

Third Platoon's Paul Rogers accepts his frame while Frank DeAngelis looks on. Like the rest of Easy Company, Frank and Paul are top-notch guys. Paul talked at length about the fine men he served with, and especially those who didn't make it back home. He did shed some light on how Earl McClung got his nickname of "One Lung". As related by Paul - "Jimmy Alley and I were taking a break when Captain Hester came up to us, pointed to an abandoned .30 caliber machine gun that was on the ground, and asked "Who's going to carry that Browning?" We looked around and saw McClung asleep nearby. We told the Captain "It's his" and pointed to McClung! Needless to say, Earl wasn't very pleased when he found out what he had to lug around. Alley and I then came up with the quote which we repeated over and over - "Who hung the gun on One-Lung McClung?" We repeated our phrase many times as McClung hauled that gun around!"

The rest, as they say, is history.

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The following Easy Company veterans are presented with their Framing History frame of "Rendezvous With Destiny - Ike and the 101st Airborne, Evening of June 5, 1944."